The Storm Before the Calm

I think about this a lot in my parenting – how plateaus fall right before a big step forward. My go-to bible when my babies were tiny was the wonderful book ‘The Wonder Weeks’ – which is not at all a book about parenting (yay!) but a book about understanding baby development.

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All I Want for Christmas is....Me

But whatever happens, you can never really shake that feeling of no longer being a ‘me’, can you? There’s always a part of you that remembers what it felt like to carry another being in your body, that knows you’re always now an ‘us’. And getting back to running, or reading, or whatever it might be; getting ‘me-time’, whatever that means to you – you can’t ever get back to the person you were before.

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And in amongst these waves of novel, crazy change there are moments where you actually feel normal, like you’re getting a handle on things, like maybe just maybe it’s all going to be ok.

And then. You share one of these moments with someone, a midwife, a mother, a friend… and their response? 


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As this amazing new world opens up, alongside the skills to explore it, your baby is also starting to realise they are a separate entity. It will be a few more months before this separation leads to anxiety when you’re apart – for now, bubs is usually pretty happy to drink in the world around and start to consider what is great and not so great about it. Where it gets tricky is that these emerging preferences can be difficult to work out, especially when an angry cry can come quite out of the blue. How were you to know the cushion you just moved was so interesting?

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A Step Ahead

It can feel like a race, always looking ahead, and at other babies of the same age, to see what comes next. And your baby does this too, filled with an irrepressible drive to keep moving forward, straining to lift that head up, pulling up as soon as crawling is mastered, and practicing all hours of the day and night.

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