The Stuff of Legend

What else? That age old fairytale that, as long as you find the right approach every baby can sleep through the night. Or that myth that, if you’re disciplining in the correct way, your child won’t have tantrums. Or those even more subtle ones – that when things go wrong it’s always the mother’s fault. That it is possible to juggle work and family without any emotional fall out. That you’ll get your sex drive back after 6 weeks. That the laundry basket can be emptied.

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Drowning in Information

On average, we touch our phones 2,617 times a day. In our browsing, it seems we are digesting 285 pieces of content every day – in words, that’s equivalent to a novel. And it’s not just us, our kids are spending on average 6 and a half hours a day in front of screens.

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Even if we don’t have a designated spot for a business card holder (or, in fact, a business card holder), we can start to treat the objects in our lives with care. Marie Kondo treats her plant with more respect than I see actual human beings treat other actual human beings on the Tube.

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And in amongst these waves of novel, crazy change there are moments where you actually feel normal, like you’re getting a handle on things, like maybe just maybe it’s all going to be ok.

And then. You share one of these moments with someone, a midwife, a mother, a friend… and their response? 


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The Invisible Cord

As soon as your baby arrives in the world, the process of letting them go begins.  At birth, your previously merged selves become a duo and you immediately have to make choices (or they are made for you) about how separate you are going to be.

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Mum World

However, there may still be a little (or big) part of you murmuring doubts that you will ever be a mum. That this pregnancy is going to end in a baby, rather than just a casting off of that big belly and a subsequent return to life as you always knew it. This might be a quiet whisper “Am I really going to be a mum?” or a full on screaming “I’m not ready for this!!”

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