I began my blog in 2011, after realising that many of the women I was seeing were raising similar issues such as social isolation, high expectations of parenthood, relationship difficulties and traumatic birth experiences. 

While I still blog when I can, I now use social media to raise awareness of common maternal mental health problems and mental wellness.


So far, I have been involved with the How Can I Help Campaign, My Moment Of Calm, the Alternative Advent - all of which bring together different mental health and wellness professionals to increase awareness of mental health difficulties and preventative strategies.

The V is for Village campaign (#iminyourvillage) aimed to demonstrate the enormous amount of support available for parents on social media - we now have over 600 members of a virtual parenting village all offering support to other one another! 

I continue to work on the Make Birth Better campaign, which aims to explore experiences of birth in order to improve birth services. You can find out more here.

My most recent Campaign has been Just One Thing - asking people from a range of backgrounds to tell me just one thing they would say to new parents and parents-to-be. 

Social media platforms, while receiving bad press, often act as a source of tremendous support for parents and are a great way to see at the realities of parenthood. Come and find me on there, I look forward to chatting to you soon!


I also do the occasional series on common parenting difficulties. You can find these on Instagram and YouTube