Just One Thing – Sleep

Before you have a baby, you just assume that they’ll go to sleep, right? You know they wake up a lot, but actually going to sleep isn’t a problem, is it? You just pop them in their cot and they go off. Because that’s what you would do, isn’t it?

And then you have a baby and realise why there are so many books out there about baby sleep. All with their own, completely contradictory, essential advice on getting babies to sleep.

So I thought I’d ask Kerry Secker, a London based sleep consultant, what she would say to new parents dealing with sleep for the first time. Her Just One Thing? “You can’t spoil your small or their sleep”

When Emma asked if I wanted to get involved with her series, of course I said yes. I love sharing my sleep swizzle but I’ve so much to share it was hard to pick Just One Thing.

I’ve thought really hard and the one thing I really want you to know is:

You can’t spoil your small or their sleep.

Babies have lots of needs to be met and the only way they can communicate these is by crying. Crying is communication. Responding to their crying, whether day or night, isn’t spoiling them, making bad habits or rods for your own back. It 100% doesn’t spoil them or their sleep, instead it builds trust and connection so they can settle and sleep when they’re ready.

Kerry Secker, Sleep Consultant

I worked as a private nanny for over fifteen years and is an OCN accredited sleep consultant. Kerry has over 18 years experience working alongside and supporting families. You can find out more about Kerry here, or chat to her on Instagram and Facebook.